Welcome to our second life adventures! Jennifer and I are a mid-life couple with the fortune to be able to retire from full-time stationary work early and begin exploring the world. if any of our adventures and skills help you retire early or enhance your life experiences, please share them with us an others looking for inspiration.

Our inspiration for Mojoology is our fun-lovin’ whippet, Mojo. He is always up for a walk, good food, and a chance to meet new people. He also relished is lounging around in the best chair in the house in the evening, often the chair we were just sitting in. He loves to lay on the glare shield of our motorhome and watch the world go by as if it is on an IMAX screen.

We planned and prepared for this launch for over five years excited to get started. On this site we will note some of our favorite places to visit and experiences to remember. We will document how we prepared for our adventures with our RV and finances as well. Tag along and we may see you on the road!