RV Remodeling: Solar and LiFePo4 Installation

Upgrading a motorhome to be energy independent with solar panels, LifePo4, and power mangement is an adventure in itself.

Remodeling an RV vs Buying a New RV

Your mileage may vary on your efforts to remodel an RV. We had big ambitions for our work and it shows in the final price tag.

Evolution of Our RV Adventure

I tell people picking up the 2010 Newmar Ventana in April of 2018 was a spontaneous decision seven years in the making.

John, Jennifer, Mojo and Fluffee

John, Jennifer, Mojo and Fluffee

Professional Earthlings

We are a couple of mid-life retirees taking a leap from casual RVing and travel to a full-time experience.  Inspired by our fun-loving whippet, Mojo, and our feline overlord, Fluffee, we are excited to hit the road in 2020 after renovating our 2010 Newmar Ventana for new technology and a facelift more kin to our personal style.  Now it is is time to explore the Earth and report our adventures to you.